CINDSA’s 2024 Priorities Convention

Hey Hoosiers,

Ready to turn our DSA dreams into concrete action? We’re excited to introduce the Priorities Convention, , a process spanning March 9th and 10th designed to democratically choose the issues that will guide our chapter’s work in the coming months. This is your chance to raise your voice, identify the most pressing needs of our community, and ensure our efforts translate into real-world impact.

Think of the Priorities Convention as a choose-your-own-adventure for our chapter’s activism. We’ll gather as a group, brainstorm potential campaign focuses, and then vote to prioritize the ones that resonate most with our members. Whether it’s tackling digital equity in underserved neighborhoods, fighting for worker protections in the gig economy, or advocating for open-source solutions in local government, your suggestions and participation will shape our direction.

All proposal submissions are due on March 4th, one week before the convention, after that the form will be removed.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve prepared a handy template where you can submit your proposed priorities. It’s quick, easy, and the perfect way to make your voice heard. Check it out and share your ideas. Click here to see the rules of a proposal, a link to a template proposal, and submit one yourself!

The Priorities Convention is more than just choosing issues – it’s about building a shared vision and mobilizing our collective power. Let’s come together, prioritize the issues that matter most, and get ready to make a real difference in Indianapolis!

Current Proposals

Proposal NameAuthor
Bylaws Article VIII Update: Procurement of FundsKristie W.
Bylaws Article XI Update: Nominations, Elections, Requirements & Recall of Chapter OfficersRobert H.
Bylaws Article VIII Update: Committee Membership Meeting Requirement ClarifiedKristie W.
Bylaws Update on HGOs to be in Line with Resolution 33Kristie W.
Committee Leadership Transition Packets Kristie W.
Bylaws Article VII Update: Branch Definitions, Inclusivity of YDSAKristie W.
Ad Hoc CommitteeRobert H.
Creation of a Social Media Show for Communication CommitteeKristie W.
Amend Article XI, Section 4Devyn N
Remove Bylaw XIIIDevyn N
Create a Mutual Aid Working GroupDevyn N
Creation of an Electoral CommitteeDaniel K
Create a New Chapter Officer, YDSA Relations OfficerDevyn N
Formation of a Socialists in Office SubcommitteeJesse B.
Cardinal Force PriorityDevyn N
Priority for Mutual Aid Working GroupDevyn N
Priority for CINDSA’s People’s Resource GuideDevyn N
Proposal for CINDSA International Affairs CommitteeBrad L

Feeding the Convention

The Priorities Convention thrives on a potent mix of shared responsibility and delicious diversity. By contributing a dish to the potluck, you’re not just feeding yourself and your neighbors, you’re actively shaping the character of the convention itself. Imagine a vibrant tapestry woven from everyone’s culinary contributions, reflecting the tastes and traditions of our community. This potluck isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about solidarity. Every dish is a vote of faith in the democratic process, a testament to our collective ability to achieve great things, even with limited resources.

So, don your chef’s hat, unleash your inner culinary genius, and bring a dish that speaks to your heart. Together, we’ll turn this potluck into a powerful symbol of cooperation, proving that democracy can be both delicious and affordable. Remember, it’s not just a meal; it’s a movement!

The link to the potluck can be found in the CINDSA Slack, pinned in the #1-general channel.


Day 1

10:00 amVoting on convention governing rules
10:30amVision for CINDSA discussion
11:30amLunch/breakout session
12:30pmGoals for CINDSA discussion
1:30pmBreakout session
2pmBylaws discussion and finalising for first vote on day 2

Day 2

10:00 amConvention rules read share link to convention priority proposals
10:15amPriorities Proposals Discussions – Session 1
11:30amLunch/breakout session
12:30pmPriorities Proposals Discussions- Session 2
1:30pmBreakout session
2:00pmPriorities Proposals Voting Session
3:30pmFinal approval on bylaws and summary
4:00pmNew leadership elections