Understanding, Writing, and Submitting Proposals


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  • Any Bylaws and Proposals to be considered by the chapter at the Convention must fall in line with the stated values of the National organization. It will be up to the Author’s responsibility to make sure they are in line with the National organization’s governing documents found on the National website. If chapter leadership finds that they are not in line, whether during the convention or after they are passed, then they must be reconsidered, changed, or abandoned.
  • Any Proposals involving the participation of an existing committee must have the written support of the current chairs as co-authors.
  • Any proposals that involve the raising up of new committee formations must have at least five (5) members in good-standing as co-signers. 
  • Any bylaw or proposal to be considered on the convention floor must have the author or co-sponsor or proxy ready to motivate it. If they are not in attendance, the convention will table it to be possibly reconsidered at a regular Chapter meeting.
  • Any bylaw proposed must follow the already established process of adoption.
  • Proposals must have a yearly cost estimate based on what type of campaign it wants to run. A priority budget can be taken out of a committee budget if approved of by committee co-chairs. They must have a proposed fundraising mechanism, or be ready to regularly participate in the meetings of the fundraising committee.
  • Co-chairs should be Central Indiana DSA dues-paying members.
  • The Chapter expects that any new committee or already existing formations must send one or two of its members to whatever corresponding National committee, commission, or working group that deals with the campaigns that the chapter committee is dealing with. All chapter committees must make clear good faith efforts to attend those meetings with the clear expectation that written notes and reports will be posted in the slack channels that deal with their issue.
  • Minutes from all committee meetings shall be posted in the minutes Slack channel, and the committee channel, and given to the chapter secretary for record keeping.
  • Committees are excepted to keep the communications committee up to date on any chapter meetings/events and any messages to be posted on our social media accounts.
  • Committees should have clear tasks per week for campaigns and meetings. They should have expectations of committee member’s responsibilities and estimated hours per week, during whatever campaign or projects they undertake.
  •  Within 30 days of the adoption of the raising of a new standing committee they are expected to have a strategic document, an explanation of the reasons for its existence, or the undertaking of any campaigns. Any proposed changes to the strategy document must be made in committee. Then the committee must present that one week prior to a chapter meeting for adoption at the next General Chapter Meeting. Within one week after the adoption of the strategic document, the new committee must elect Co-Chairs.
  • Proposed amendments to bylaws must be made by written resolution and endorsed by five members of the chapter. The amendment must be approved by a two-thirds vote of chapter members in good standing at the time they voted, taken at two consecutive (Annual of General) Chapter meetings. It will take a two-thirds majority to pass a bylaw. 
  • The chapter will ensure that each proposal and bylaw will be submitted online to ensure the maximum chance that it would be readily accessible to viewing by chapter members.
  • The steering committee will be the body that will accept the proposals from the members

All proposals must be submitted as a PDF and uploaded below.



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