🌹 = Great for first-timers!

Labor Committee – Meeting

When: 9/13 @7:00pm Where: 1915 West 18th St. What: Monthly labor committee meeting

Decompression Session, 9/20 @ 6pm 🌹

Crack open a cold one with comrades. Hosted by Terre Haute Branch but open to the chapter. Commiserate and decompress with us! To join, contact [email protected], or ask in the #2_social channel in the chapter’s Slack group.

Steering Committee Priority Check-in Meeting, 9/26 @ 7pm

Monthly meeting between the elected chapter officers to review proposals that passed at the previous monthly chapter General meeting, as well as check in on ongoing campaigns. Steering committee meetings are open to all chapter members unless otherwise stated. For the Zoom registration link, check the General channel in the chapter Slack, or email [email protected]

Terre Haute DSA General Meeting, 10/4 @ 6pm 🌹

Terre Haute Branch of Central Indiana DSA will meet at 6 pm via Zoom. To prepare, you can download the free Zoom app for iPhone and Android in your app store or get the desktop application here: https://zoom.us/download To join the meeting, please follow this link: https://zoom.us/j/810914805 Video use is always optional. If you’d rather dial in... Read more »