Join DSA

We’re here to make a difference and win. We’re not interested in symbolic gestures and shallow promises. We’re here to win real change for working people in Central Indiana. The status quo – a system built on corporate greed, white supremacy, and the patriarchy – thrives when we stay divided, rely on ineffective institutions, and leave activism to a select few. We need to build a powerful, democratic movement run by and for the people of Central Indiana.

Join the Movement, Shape Our Direction

Central Indiana DSA is a member-driven organization. Our members decide our priorities and how we achieve them. This independence is crucial – we rely on our members, not corporate handouts, to fund our work. Just like labor unions, our strength comes from collective contributions. Become a member-owner by paying dues (details below).

Membership Benefits

Become a DSA member by joining nationally and gain a vote in our local chapter matters and receive a national membership card! You’ll also get access to resources and training to help you organize and build power alongside a strong national network. Plus, the more members we have, the stronger our voice at the national DSA convention.

Strength in Numbers: A National Movement

A nationwide network of local chapters amplifies DSA’s impact. To join our chapter, visit and pick a national dues plan. All plans offer the same benefits. The Central Indiana DSA Steering Committee recommends choosing the $10 monthly option for three reasons:

  1. We only get 20% of your monthly dues back to support our local efforts, whereas the annual option does not support the local chapter. If you’re interested in ways to give more locally, see the next section.
  2. Annual memberships don’t automatically renew, making monthly payments more reliable for planning.
  3. Predictable income is key for long-term organizing.

DSA membership is open to everyone, regardless of financial situation. If dues are a barrier, complete our dues waiver form to join us in the fight for a better Central Indiana!

Invest in Our Local Work

While national dues support the broader DSA movement, local contributions are crucial for our chapter’s specific projects. These funds stay right here in Central Indiana to fuel our local organizing efforts. We recommend a monthly local contribution of $25, but any amount helps! Click the big red “DONATE TO CINDSA” button to start a monthly contribution to the chapter!