The Strike Fund

Central IN DSA members bringing donations and solidarity to Starbucks Workers in Clarksville, IN

Why a Strike Fund?

To build an Indiana that works for all of us, we need a democratic economy that exists to meet human needs, not only to make profit for a few. Unions bring democracy into the workplace by enabling workers to organize and bargain collectively. The engine of the workers’ power to bargain with the boss is the strike. By withholding—or threatening to withhold—labor, workers gain the ability to bargain for better wages and working conditions.

The path to more organized workplaces, stronger unions, and a more democratic economy is for Indiana workers to use their power to organize and strike, without fear of losing their job or the roof over their heads. This Strike Fund provides the support necessary for Hoosier workers to fight for themselves, their communities, and their coworkers.

Through union organizing, workers build the power to improve their workplace and lift up the community and state around it. Along the way, they build solidarity with others in their workplace, and learn vital skills necessary to fight for what they need to lead lives with dignity.

What is the Strike Fund?

The CINDSA Strike Fund exists to support worker organizing throughout Indiana, whether workers seek union recognition, fair labor practices, mutual aid and protection, or a union contract. This fund allows the greater community to support the union movement by providing for worker organizing expenses—everything from food and drinks for workers on the picket line, to pins and signs for demonstrating, to books or printing flyers to educate and bring in new workers. Additionally, this fund supports the living expenses of workers should they decide to strike, thus creating a lifeline of support and leverage for workers who are fighting for dignity in the workplace.

What Will You Do?

Indiana has real problems, and Hoosier workers have real power. By using our power and working collectively, we can transform our economy from one that works for a few to one that cares for everyone. Will you help build that vision by donating to the CINDSA Strike Fund to support worker organizing?