Democratic Socialists Post Wins in Strong Election Night

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[Indianapolis, Indiana] –  Central Indiana Democratic Socialists of America (CINDSA) are again in the spotlight.  We want to start by congratulating our CINDSA candidates: Jesse Brown and Zach Cramer both won their elections! They now join with the over 100 other socialists in office elected across the nation through the efforts of America’s largest socialist organization.  We would also like to congratulate Bill McLellan and Ryan Hughey, whose campaigns far exceeded projections and historic Democratic Party performance.

“Today was a test of the strength of our grassroots movement as we head into 2024” said Daniel Krouse, CINDSA Electoral committee co-chair.  “Millionaires and billionaires poured money into races, aligning themselves with hate groups like Moms For Liberty to make targets of our most vulnerable and preserve their own privilege and power.  In response, CINDSA has once again sent the message that people power triumphs over the rich.”

Over the past year, electorally engaged CINDSA members have made over 8,000 phone calls, sent over 18,000 texts, and regularly turned out dozens of volunteers for canvassing events in support of chapter-endorsed candidates.  During this time the chapter has also increased its presence and size, recruiting over 100 new dues-paying members, supporting multiple strikes and unionization drives, assisted dozens of victims of illegal evictions, expanded efforts in support of the LBGTQIA+ community with our new Stonewall Committee, supported and attended mass protests on domestic and international issues, and worked in coalition with groups like MAD Voters and ACT Indiana on issues ranging from rising rents to women’s rights.

“This new group of socialists in office is just part of rising working class action across the nation. Central Indiana DSA is committed to strengthening and broadening people’s sense of power and potential both in and beyond elections. Many union members – from Hollywood actors to autoworkers – have gone on strike to win what they deserve.  We stand with multi-racial working class organizers in the work of empowering average Americans, as workers in every industry demand a voice, demand their worth, and demand power both in their workplace and in society. “ said Robert Hughes, CINDSA Chair.

“Because there is no shortcut to building that better world, the day after an election is not when the work ends.  CINDSA intends to keep up the pressure, supporting our new socialists in office and keeping them accountable.  The chapter has already planned out a series of escalating actions and campaigns to be deployed in support of, or in opposition to, new policies and orders that will come out of the newly elected governments.” concluded Daniel Krouse.

We invite everyone to join us as we fight to improve worker’s lives, to reduce the power of the ruling class to divide and control us, and to enable everyone to play a part in building the just world we all deserve.

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