Demonstration against Proposition 256

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CINDSA will be joining the broader Indy community against the proposal happening today (7/11/2022) at the CCC building @7 pm.

Zach Adamson, Vop Osili, and Kristin Jones will introduce a proposal at Monday’s Council meeting to criminalize charitable distributions to 10+ people on public sidewalks or streets or city property unless you register with OPHS and tell them at least 48 hrs ahead of any distribution.

Sound familiar? In 2020 a similar proposal was introduced by REPUBLICAN Michael-Paul Hart, and many of us, along with PSL, attended a demonstration outside the CCC building to protest against it. That year the democrats voted it down. This year? They’re all on board since they will claim the “victory.”

This proposition would hurt our most vulnerable members of the community and would neuter our local mutual aid orgs. We must stand up to this institutional punishment of the poor and disenfranchised.

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